Welcome to Better Gut Health

Gut Health 101 is a mini-course. The video content is 30 minutes long. It's a lot of information condensed into an easily digestible and actionable package.

What's in the course:

30 minute lecture with slide show which covers digestion function and dysfunction, leaky gut, autoimmunity, how to improve gut health, and supplement support.

The same lecture in written format

Downloadable format of slide show

Downloadable PDF with Every Day Gut Health Habits

6 week meal plan (of my recipes) for better gut health

As the title suggests, it's an introductory course. While comprehensive in terms of information and citation, no it does not go into the specific gut conditions beyond leaky gut, dysbiosis and SIBO.

This course is not meant to treat any conditions. It's meant to give you foundational knowledge about gut health, and everyday habits to a healthier gut.

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Meet Your Instructor

Cristina has been working in the autoimmune community for over 7 years. In that time she has published 2 best-selling cookbooks, which focus on gut health and reducing inflammation.

A certified nutritional therapy practitioner and recent graduate of the Restorative Wellness Solutions program. Cristina has extensive training in functional nutrition, optimizing digestion, and gut health.